Máy lọc không khí cho ô tô Xiaomi MIJIA Car Airpurifier

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Xiaomi now wants to bring clean air to your ride. After releasing its home Air Purifier, they have just introduced its new Car Air Purifier under its MiJia brand. This is a must have item, especially for those who have kids and spend hours being stuck in traffic jams.



Unlike most car air purifiers in the market, Xiaomi’s air purifier is designed to be installed on the rear headrest. The purification work is done via a dual-fan design that uses an efficient 6.5w brushless DC motors. In quiet mode, it emits just 42dB of noise while pushing clean air at 30m³/h. It relies on your car’s 12V charging socket for power.



With a maximum purification capacity (CADR) of 60m³/h, Xiaomi says it will take 3 minutes to clean the air in a sedan or 5 minutes in an SUV. For a large commercial van, it will take 7 minutes to clean the air. Similar to its home-based Air Purifiers, the car filter uses a 360-degree cylinder design that filters out PM2.5 particles and pollens. The filter is easily replaced by removing its door cover.


Being a smart device, the car air purifier is connected via Bluetooth and you can manage the purifier with the Mi Home app. The app will display the current air quality and it also lets you control the current fan speed. If the air filter is due for a replacement, the app would notify you as well.


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